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Filaments Depot Green PLA

Filaments Depot Green PLA

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Filaments Depot PLA is quality virgin PLA . Both PLA resin and colorant are food-grade material


Made in Canada, Ontario utilizing sophisticated extrusion equipment and high-tech drying technology. The filaments are monitored with live multi-axis micrometer, and computerized diameter monitoring technology. Producing clean, repeatable and reproducible results.


  • Made with recyclable spool and box
  • Includes an extra resealable bag in the box

Print settings

  • Printing Temperature : 190°C - 230°C
  • Heated Bed: PLA can be printed with or without a heated print bed, however, if your 3D printer does have a heated bed, it is recommended that you set your bed temperature to approximately 60°C.
  • First layer usually 5°C-10°C higher than subsequent layers.
  • Sticks well to Glass with PVA Glue ,BuildTak, PEI, or blue tape.
    • Cooling Fan: Highly recommended.
    • Empty Spool Weight : 140 Grams 
    • Gross Weight :1140-1170 Grams 
    • Net Weight : 1KG 

    Mechanical Properties

    • Tensile modulus ISO 527-1 3500 MPa
    • Tensile strength ISO 527-1 50 MPa
    • Elongation at break ISO 527-1 ≤ 5%
    • Charpy notched impact, 23°C ISO 179-1eA ≤ 5 kJ/m2
    • Heat deflection temp, amorphous2 ISO 75-1 60°C
    • Heat deflection temp, crystalline2 ISO 75-1 105°C



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