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Filaments Depot Matte PLA Light Grey

Filaments Depot Matte PLA Light Grey

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Filaments Depot Matte PLA, the ultimate 3D printing filament that's designed to revolutionize your printing experience. Engineered from bio-based materials, this cutting-edge filament sets a new standard for matte PLA with its unbeatable combination of user-friendliness, top-notch print quality, lightning-fast speeds, and unwavering reliability. But that's not all - it's also an eco-conscious choice, as it's sourced from sustainable materials and for every spool sold, a tree is planted to help replenish our planet. 
Our Matte PLA resin which is manufactured in Canada using premium Polycore pellet, a specialized material known for its excellent performance and durability in 3D printing applications.

This state-of-the-art filament offers a host of advantages that make it a top choice for 3D printing enthusiasts:

  1. Easy to Use: Filaments Depot Matte PLA is crafted with a user-friendly formula that ensures smooth and hassle-free printing. Its low warping and excellent adhesion properties make it a breeze to print with, even for beginners.

  2. Exceptional Printing Quality: With Filaments Depot Matte PLA, you can achieve stunningly crisp and detailed prints with a beautiful matte finish. Its consistent diameter and tight tolerance provide consistent and reliable printing results every time.

  3. Fast Printing Speeds: Filaments Depot Matte PLA is engineered for speed, allowing you to print your designs quickly and efficiently. Its optimized flow characteristics enable faster print speeds, saving you valuable time without compromising on print quality.

  4. Unwavering Reliability: Filaments Depot Matte PLA is renowned for its reliability, ensuring a smooth printing experience from start to finish. Its consistent and uniform extrusion reduces the risk of clogs or jams, making it a dependable choice for your 3D printing projects.

  5. Eco-Conscious Choice: As a bioplastic-based filament, Filaments Depot Matte PLA is an environmentally responsible choice. It's sourced from sustainable materials, reducing its impact on the environment. Plus, for every spool sold, a tree is planted as part of Filaments Depot's commitment to giving back to the earth. 


  • Made with recyclable spool and box
  • Includes an extra resealable bag in the box

Print settings

  • Printing Temperature: 190°C - 230°C
  • Heated Bed: PLA can be printed with or without a heated print bed, however, if your 3D printer does have a heated bed, it is recommended that you set your bed temperature to approximately 60°C.
  • First layer usually 5°C-10°C higher than subsequent layers.
  • Sticks well to Glass with PVA Glue ,BuildTak, PEI, or blue tape.
  • Printing Speed: 30mm/s - 70mm/s
    • Cooling Fan: ON.
    • Empty Spool Weight  140 Grams 
    • Gross Weight:1140-1170 Grams 
    • Net Weight: 1KG 
    • Direct Drive:
    • Retraction Distance: 1mm
    • Retraction Speed: 20mm/s
    • Indirect Drive:
    • Retraction Distance: 3mm
    • Retraction Speed: 40mm/s

    Mechanical Properties

    • Tensile modulus ISO 527-1 3500 MPa
    • Tensile strength ISO 527-1 50 MPa
    • Elongation at break ISO 527-1 ≤ 5%
    • Charpy notched impact, 23°C ISO 179-1eA ≤ 5 kJ/m2
    • Heat deflection temp, amorphous2 ISO 75-1 60°C
    • Heat deflection temp, crystalline2 ISO 75-1 105°C


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