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Filaments Depot Metallic Dark Rose Gold PETG

Filaments Depot Metallic Dark Rose Gold PETG

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1kg (2.2lbs) spool of Standard PETG filament manufactured in Canada vacuum sealed with a desiccant pack.

  • Material: 100% Grade A Virgin PETG
  • Specific gravity : > 1(density: 1.23 ~ 1.27g/ml (25 °C))
  • 116 Rockwell Hardness
  • 53MPa tensile strength @Yield (one of the strongest on the market)
  • 5% Elongation @Yield
  • Extruded from high-quality raw materials
  • Uses an advanced 2-step drying process to reduce water content resulting in more stable material
  • FDA approved raw material with non-toxic pigments
  • Coiled in a recycled cardboard spool to easily monitor consumption. Vacuum sealed with desiccant bag for optimal moisture control

Printing Parameters

  • Printing Temperature: 235-250°C
  • Bed Temperature: 80-90°C
    • Cooling Fan: 10-30% when needed for small parts


    Pantone codes

    *all codes are approximate*

    • Red: 485C
    • Orange 158C
    • Yellow: 102C
    • Bright Green: 368C
    • Almond: 468C
    • Grey: 430C
    • Charcoal: 432C
    • White : 550C
    • Black: Process Bk C
    • Clear: 
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