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Filaments Depot White Low Gloss PETG

Filaments Depot White Low Gloss PETG

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First Time In Canada 

(Introducing our new low-gloss PETG 3D filament. Made from high-quality PETG material with-European developed-organic based matte agent . Low-gloss is durable and easy to print with, ensuring a smooth and reliable printing experience. With its low-gloss finish, it reduces the reflection and glare of light, giving your parts a more professional and sophisticated look. Whether you're creating functional parts or decorative pieces, our low-gloss PETG filament is the perfect choice for your next project.

Low Gloss contains as active agent an organic
matting additive. It is used in order to obtain a matt surface and herewith a high end
appearance. The structure of the surface is very soft and smooth.

1kg (2.2lbs) spool of Standard PETG filament manufactured in Canada vacuum sealed with a desiccant pack.

  • Material: 85% Grade A Virgin PETG , 15% Matting Agent ( PETG Based)
  • Specific gravity : > 1(density: 1.23 ~ 1.27g/ml (25 °C))
  • 116 Rockwell Hardness
  • 53MPa tensile strength @Yield (one of the strongest on the market)
  • 5% Elongation @Yield
  • Extruded from high-quality raw materials
  • Uses an advanced 2-step drying process to reduce water content resulting in more stable material
  • FDA approved raw material with non-toxic pigments
  • Coiled in a recycled cardboard spool to easily monitor consumption. Vacuum sealed with desiccant bag for optimal moisture control


Printing Parameters

  • Printing Temperature: 230-250°C
  • Bed Temperature: 80-90°C
    • Cooling Fan: 10-30% when needed for small parts


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